Broken Hearted Treaties

Mixed Media by Bryan Waytula

$750 Sold

Size: 28" x 22"

Category: Mixed Media

Tribal Affiliation: Cherokee

Artwork Description:

Broken Hearted Treaties is a mixed media piece integrating one side of my Limited Edition Treaty Bucks. The purpose of the Treaty Bucks is to educate art admirers about the numerous broken promises of the U.S. Government with the Tribal Nations of these lands. My Dawes roll number with the Oklahoma Cherokee Nation is seen in the serial number along with various phrases added in Photoshop. Tiger Lily which was a character created by Disney, portrayed Native American's in probably one of the most racist stereotypes in the history of animated film. Tiger Lily seen here has had her heart broken too many times by the word of the United States Government and has no tolerance for putting any truth or faith in what they say. She's had enough of the heartache represented by the broken hearts in the background.

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