I-bat i-hi-nin II= Grandfather Thunder II

Weaponry by A. Wayne "Tay Sha" Earles

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Size: 16"H x 7 1/2"W x 1 7/8"D

Category: Weaponry

Tribal Affiliation: Caddo

Artwork Description:

#2 Monolithic Axe- Inspired by ancient Caddoan (Spiro) axe- P.26 of "Hero, Hawk & Open Hand". After Tornado damage, recreated adding engraving of Warrior head with Peregrine Falcon Forked-eye on the axe head & a design on handle, both inspired by Pre-Columbian Spiro Mounds shell engravings, with the handle design also Caddo Pottery Avery Engraved- P.1, J. of "Handbook of Texas Archeology: Type Descriptions". This Art won 2nd place award at the Artesian Arts Festival & 1st place at Red Earth; then after the tornado, recreated with the engraving added, it won 1st at SEASAM. Rough Mocha Alabaster cut & shaped with hacksaw, rasps, files & sandpaper. Engraving with simple steel-tipped rod (non-electric).

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