Choctaw Folklore

Jewelry by Laura Akers

$350 Sold

Size: The pendant is about 3" x 3" and the necklace is approximately 10" long.

Category: Jewelry

Tribal Affiliation: Choctaw

Artwork Description:

In Choctaw folklore it was once said that turtles were actually eagles inside. I wanted to create a piece that brought that tale to life. What makes this necklace unique, aside from the artwork itself, is the tiny size of the beads I work with. This necklace is made primarily of a combination of 15/0 Charlotte beads and other 15/0's (miyuki beads) along with a few 13/0 beads here and there used to create dimensions. The turtle in it's eagle form is flying above a rolling ocean depicted using many different blues and whites. This necklace is backed by a very soft goatskin leather. This is a One of A Kind Piece designed/created and hand woven by me. This necklace required many days of beading and is stunning. The primary color of the sky is a lighter blue. This piece is powerful and beautiful. It will never be duplicated. I have more pictures upon request.

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