Community Arbor:Safe to Speak Mvskoke

3-D Diverse by Tony A. Tiger

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Size: 24”x24”x30”

Category: 3-D Diverse

Tribal Affiliation: Muscogee, Seminole

Artwork Description:

Community Arbor: Safe to Speak Mvskoke is a conceptual piece created to focus on the revitalization of Indigenous languages in Oklahoma. The piece is created with Solar plate photograph etchings of a Mvskoke family, Muscogee Creek and Seminole. The etchings have been printed with a soy based ink on Mulberry paper then dipped in wax to protect the print while symbolically expressing preservation. The arbor is constructed from stripped and preserved Elm limbs with a Popular base. The etchings and the structure is held together with copper wire and imitation sinew waxed. The Mvskoke hymn Mekusape Fullvnna (A Praying People) text and the names identify the culture, language of this family and tribe. The alternating triangular pattern represents men and women living in community. The LED light source allows the piece to glow, the light symbolizes the hope indigenous language revitalization efforts give our tribal communities. Mvto

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