Honoring Mother Earth: The Four Elements.

Traditional Dress & Regalia by Sheena Logan

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Size: 37 inches long, elastic waistband starting at 30 inches.

Category: Traditional Dress & Regalia

Tribal Affiliation: Seminole

Artwork Description:

A Traditional Seminole Skirt honoring Ekvnv (Earth). The Four Patchworks represent from top to bottom Water, Air, Fire, and Earth. All of the patchworks used are some of the first developed to be developed by elder Seminole and Miccosukee women. Water: In shades of blue are represented here by the "Rain" patchwork. Air: In various shades found throughout the main fabric of the skirt is represented by "Wind" patchwork. Fire: In orange and yellow of the "Fire" patchwork. Earth: In shades of green is represented by the "Tree" patchwork.

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