Chickasaw artist takes viewers on heavenly adventure

Chickasaw photographer Jim Trosper has continued to embark upon trips to scenic locations in Oklahoma and surrounding environs throughout much…

Straughn to feature ‘spirit,’ traditional art at Artesian Arts Festival

The 2.5 years of isolation from the COVID-19 pandemic is ending in June for renowned 80-year-old Chickasaw painter and sculptor Lance Straughn.

Award-winning First American artist to attend 2022 Artesian Arts Festival

More than 30 years ago, Sue Fish wanted to quit her first basket weaving class. Instead, she has been perfecting her craft for more than three…

Tyson Hudson to display his artwork in the Artesian Arts Festival

Tyson Hudson is a full-time artist, passionate about painting. Hudson resides in his hometown, Davis, Oklahoma, where he finds inspiration in…

Carpe Diem

Award-winning Chickasaw artist Chance Brown is busy.

Artesian Arts Festival returns June 25

The Artesian Arts Festival returns to the Artesian Plaza Saturday, June 25 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Artesian Arts Festival returns June 25

The Artesian Arts Festival returns to the Artesian Plaza Saturday, June 25. Activities begin at 9 a.m. and continue until 5 p.m.

Artesian Arts Festival and Artesian Online Art Market open call for Chickasaw artists

Chickasaw artists are invited to show their work at the Artesian Arts Festival Saturday, June 25, from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. in Sulphur, Oklahoma.

Willis leans into artistic purpose while recovering from COVID-19

Illness from COVID-19 has proved to be both a scourge and a renaissance for Chickasaw artist and former Chickasaw Nation employee Nicole Willis.

Hometown historical society to honor Chickasaw artist

Acclaimed Chickasaw painter and sculptor Lance Straughn – one of many artists showing works at the Artesian Online Art Market – will be…

Chickasaw Nation announces Artesian Online Art Market competition winners

Judges of the 2021 Artesian Online Art Market (AOAM) have finalized their decisions and announced winners for this year’s competition that are…

Margaret Roach Wheeler rediscovers creative freedom amid the natural splendors of Sulphur

For Chickasaw weaver and fashion designer Margaret Roach Wheeler, recent months have been a time to slow down, reflect, appreciate her…

Artesian Online Art Market to showcase First American art

Art lovers and buyers can maintain responsible distancing while browsing Chickasaw and other First American artists’ works online at…

Artesian Online Art Market opens call for First American artists

First American artists are invited to show their work at the Artesian Online Art Market May 28 through Aug. 2.

Artesian Online Art Market opens call for artists

The Artesian Online Art Market is slated for May 28 through July 31, and event coordinators with the Chickasaw Nation have opened a call for artists.

Margaret Roach Wheeler named 2020 Chickasaw Nation Dynamic Woman of the Year

Ten years ago, Chickasaw weaver and fashion designer Margaret Roach Wheeler was inducted into the Chickasaw Hall of Fame.

Chickasaw artist revives ancient art form

For nearly four years, Pamela Kennedy of Yukon, Oklahoma, has been helping to revive an ancient art form; she works with fused glass.

Chickasaw Nation Dynamic Woman of the Year of 2015 among Artesian Online Art Market featured creators

Mary Ruth Barnes – a Chickasaw artist, author, photographer, storyteller, philanthropist, historic preservationist and 2015 Chickasaw Nation…

Chickasaw jeweler displays work on Artesian Online Art Market

Drawings and ideas – some 30 years old – keep Chickasaw jeweler E. Dee Tabor awake at night.

J. Eric Smith shows new work at Artesian Online Art Market

J. Eric Smith, a Chickasaw author, ancient weapons expert, historian and traditionalist, is toiling on the largest private commission of his…

Young Chickasaw Artist Continues to Expand Technique and Portfolio

Chickasaw artist Chance Brown fondly remembers the sense of wonderment and intrigue he felt while gazing at art work as a youngster.

Award-winning Chickasaw bladesmith shows new work at Artesian Online Art Market

Five forged blades by renowned Chickasaw artist Daniel Worcester – art he considers some of his most innovative to date – are on display at…

Deramus shares creations on new online market

For Choctaw artist Brent Deramus, launching a website featuring artwork from his imaginative mind was a monumental achievement.

Master fabric weaver to showcase work at Artesian Online Art Market

Chickasaw artist Tyra Shackleford is one of several Chickasaw and Southeastern Indian artists engaging the nation virtually with their…

Artist proves it’s never too late

Chickasaw weaver Beverly Callahan, 74, is living proof it’s never too late to follow your passion.

Leftovers become art in hands of Chickasaw artist

Mary “Marty” Andruss traces her independent artistic spirit back to an elementary school art class experience that might have discouraged any…

Chickasaw artist staying active, seizing opportunities during pandemic

Broad appeal of Chickasaw artist Billy Hensley’s paintings has been growing, with this year shaping up to be the most promising and important…

Chickasaw citizen from Sulphur helps create first tribally owned textile company

A young Taloa Underwood would not have envisioned the place she now stands in the fashion and textile world.

Brent Greenwood conjures ‘‘Baby Yoda’’ to promote young Chickasaw artists

In the wee hours of Saturday, Dec. 21, 2019, Chickasaw artist Brent Greenwood sat in his front room sketching and picking out cans of spray paint.

Chickasaw artist Dustin Mater channels inspiration into new portraits and ledger art

Chickasaw artist and self-proclaimed cultural imagineer Dustin “Illetewahke” Mater has some artistic left turns and fresh takes in the works…